Cybercrime paper

Write a 4 page paper (300 words per page) that describes a cybercrime trend
> that society is confronted with today. Within the paper, address the
> following key elements:
>    – What types of scams are associated with the cybercrime?
>    – What might the profile be for a cybercriminal who commits this type of
>    cybercrime?
>    – What are law enforcement initiatives to combat this crime?
>    – What are penalties for committing these crimes?
> Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
> use four credible references to support your paper
> use subtitles for readability an ensure good grammar and quality content.




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Cybercrime is a problem that started in the early 1980’s and although a lot has been done in order to fight it, the criminals have always had an advantage edge. Cybercrime can be defined as all those offenses where computers and networks are attacked. The frauds range from stealing of corporate and government secrets to where a criminal trespasses into remote systems in other continents or countries. It interferes with people’s personal issues just as any …

1424 words APA

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