Dangers of Fifth-Generation Network (5G)

Dangers of Fifth-Generation Network (5G)

You are editing file attached, name MY WORK. Pleas follow the rubric, to make sure it meets the first column of 20 point creteria.

Got a 89.17% because of sentence structure. Can you update please so that I can get an A and I can rate 5 stars.Professor’s Feedback

This is an excellent argument, and it is indeed persuasive. Well done. Both body points are wonderfully explored with the first having a bit deeper analysis than the second.

Otherwise, there is a strange paragraph sitting between the second body point and the conclusion. Since the essay is supposed to be four (4) paragraphs and It does not add any value to the argument, go ahead and delete.

Then, your organization score will improve. Easy “A.” Look over the scored rubric and ask me any questions. You are welcome to revise so long as you HIGHLIGHT the changes, so I can see clearly.


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APA 772 words

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