Data Collection Methods

Data Collection Methods

part one

This week, you learned about beginning to form the strategic plan, and to address the critical issues facing the organization. On page 93 of your text, you are given an example of a white paper that documents the approach to a strategic plan initiative documentation.

For this week, you will research Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). Use the White Paper Worksheet to complete the analysis of this strategic initiative. You will need to use at least 2 external sources to support your work.

Please submit an APA formatted Word document with the following information to this Dropbox by the designated deadline:

  • Title Page
  • Running header
  • Properly formatted reference section
  • Please see the sample paper to understand how your submission should be formatted
  • Save your document as hsa4140_MOD4_last name. Example: hsa4140_MOD4_smith.
  • View Assignment Rubric

part 2

Collecting Reliable Data in my Professional Setting

1. Name and describe one data collection instrument that is used in YOUR field. It does not have to be your current field.

* this discussion is about the observer’s reliability when using the instrument….NOT the instrument’s reliability…see below.

2. How do you, OR would you, assure interobserver reliability when using this instrument? Please describe thoroughly.

3. How do you, OR would you, assure intraobserver reliability when using this instrument? Please describe thoroughly.

4. Respond to at least one of your peers’ posts.

Note: In spite of the fact that you are selecting a data collection INSTRUMENT for this posting…..this concept is about the OBSERVER’S reliability when using this instrument.

For example, as the observer, a Weight Watcher meeting leader might use a data collection instrument such as a digital scale. With that in mind, to answer this forum, the observer would indicate how he/she practices interobserver reliability with all of the other WW meeting leaders at one location: they all use the same scale, they all allow shoes to come off and pockets to be emptied; they all weigh at the beginning of the meeting…..etc. In other words, the leaders calibrate how they “observe” the data they are collecting with the data collection instrument.

In contrast, if the observer is the only person that is overseeing the data collection at a meeting, he/she may describe intrarelibility as their standard routine of data collection (each and every time) – having everyone stand on the same place on the scale, having everyone empty their pockets, weighing everyone at the beginning of the meeting. So, to assure that the observer has intraobserver reliability, he/she standardizes their own methods and to make certain to follow the same methods with everyone that is observed.

This course is about recognizing and using evidence. So, in order to earn full points, you will need to support each of your postings with the appropriate evidence.

  • Complete your original post by 11:59 p.m. Thursday, EST.
  • Complete peer replies by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, EST.
  • Remember that responses to instructor comments do not count toward the minimum post requirements.
  • Failure to meet the assignment instructions, submit posts in a timely manner, respond to an instructor comment, or provide citations/references for all source material will result in a loss of points.
  • Do not use quoted or copied material.

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  this is for part 2
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Data Collection Methods

Question One

One of the most common data collection instruments in healthcare is the use of tests.

Question Two

The most effective way to ensure interobserver reliability with the use of tests is through ensuring that the tests are standardized. In this case, the different observers would use a test instrument that has been verified through sresearch to be reliable enough in giving accurate………….

 APA 152 words
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