Data Loss and Disaster Recovery

Data Loss and Disaster Recovery

Your Topic: Data Loss and Disaster Recovery

Assignment Details: Write a 3page introduction based on your literature review in Week 3 Assignment 1. Your introduction should address and include the elements suggested by this week’s Learning Resources, including:

Background of the Problem: This section should provide the context for your study.
Problem Statement: The problem statement identifies, in 1–2 paragraphs, the research problem under investigation. It is not a social problem. Rather, it is a problem of knowledge—what we do not know about something. You can find a research problem by identifying a “gap” in the literature you reviewed.
Statement of Purpose: The purpose of the study is one paragraph that describes the overall goal of your study and why you are undertaking it. Be sure to identify specific deficiencies in past studies and explain how your study will address these deficiencies.
Theoretical Foundation/Conceptual Framework: Doctoral scholarship represents an understanding of theory and how it is generated and tested. Identify at least one theoretical perspective that will guide your research. In 1–2 paragraphs, describe the theoretical framework and provide citations to appropriate references.
Brief Operational Definitions: Any specialized terms you are including, or variables under investigation in the study, must be defined.
Significance of the Study: What are the implications of the results of the study for researchers, practitioners, and social change? What good can be produced from your study (regardless of whether you find statistically significant results)?
Research Questions and Hypotheses for the quantitative section, qualitative section, and mixed-methods section.
Develop 3–4 research questions for the qualitative section.
Develop a directional hypothesis, a non-directional hypothesis, and a null hypothesis for the quantitative or mixed-methods section that derive from the theory you are considering. For each hypothesis, describe the relationships between at least two variables.

Preferred Format: APA

Number of Sources:

Number of Pages: 3

PowerPoint slides:

Preferred Spacing: Double spaced

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