Decision Making in Groups and Effective Communication

Decision Making in Groups and Effective Communication

You are a consultant hired to help improve the productivity of Celia Jane, a medium-sized furniture design firm. Celia Jane always kept up with the competition but now would like to gain some market share and expand its business.

Traditionally, employees at Celia Jane work in groups of eight. Li, the CEO of Celia Jane, believes that working in groups aids creativity and productivity. As the consultant, however, you know that working in groups also has some negative consequences.

Explain to Li the factors that lead to ineffective decision making in groups, taking into consideration the following terms:

  • Social loafing
  • Free riding
  • The sucker effect
  • Process loss
  • Groupthink

How does each factor affect the organization’s productivity?

How will you determine the stage of group development that the groups are currently in, and how will this influence your suggestions to Li?

What suggestions will you make to Li about how he can maximize the productivity of the work groups?

Li also believes that one great advantage of working in groups is brainstorming. As the consultant, suggest what he can do to ensure brainstorming is as effective as possible.

Using what we have learned regarding communication, write a plan which explains the best way for Li to effectively communicate his expectations regarding group work to his employees.

For this assignment and all Dropbox assignments, you are required to cite, at a minimum, the online course and the textbook for the course.  Additional sources are welcome. Scholarly sources are preferred and can be found through Argosy University online library resources.  Please see the Library and Tutoring Services section under Course Home to use Argosy University online library resources.  Additional, non-scholarly sources from reputable Web and print sources are also acceptable. For reputable Web sources, look for .org, .net, or .edu sites as opposed to .com sites. Avoid Wikipedia.

Use APA standards.

Submit your response to the November 4, 2014. Your response should be at least three pages long.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Explained to Li the factors that lead to ineffective decision making in groups, taking into consideration the terms given in the assignment.
Determined the stage of group development and explained how this influenced your suggestions to Li.
Outlined suggestions to Li on how to maximize the productivity of the work groups.
Provided suggestions for how Li could ensure brainstorming was as effective as possible.
Organization, usage and mechanics: Introduction, transitions, and conclusion; grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.
APA Elements: In text citations and references, paraphrasing, and appropriate use of quotations and other elements of style (such as tone, audience, and word choice).





preview of the answer..

Celia Jones furniture goods face a fierce competition in China despite our unbeatable products in the region. This has been to an effective management that deteriorates mental efficiency besides, it require reality testing and moral judgment. Li, the CEO of the Chinese firm believes that a group work is an exempt tool in creativity and productivity. According to my knowledge, group work contains some negativity if it is implemented in a disorganized manner China and western countries got differences in economic and social ethics. This means that integrating a group work may distort our market(Luthans, 2012). The company is there to lure immigrants who are willing to buy our goods at reasonable prices. Group work occurs when individuals in a certain group believe that they are pleasured to any view that is viewed as a …

848 words APA

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