Deductive and inductive argument

Deductive and inductive argument

Previously you were introduced to the concepts of deductive and inductive reasoning, now consider the following statement: “Traditional publishing has been rendered unnecessary by the rise of digital publication.”

First respond by creating a deductive argument. Then, respond using an inductive argument. Each argument should be three-to-five sentences in length and should stand alone. In a final paragraph, explain the type of deduction and induction employed in each argument, and which argument you believe is more effective in refuting or supporting the statement provided.

Your focus should be on creating and accurately identifying a valid deductive and inductive argument.

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The method of traditional publishing is much expensive as it takes a lot of money to publish news each day and even books. Traditional publishing is unlike digital publishing which is much efficient and effective as millions of people can access information in a very short time just by clicking on the browser for the news or book you want you are there reading it. Advances technology has greatly assisted in publishing. For instance, with digital publishing, one can search and read anywhere he or she is. The world has become digital and therefore, meant for digital publishing……….

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