Delinquency in Children

Delinquency in Children

The only requirements are that you use 3 sources (2 of them must be academic/research articles or book chapters) and cite them in APA. This should be written as an essay with an intro and conclusion, and you need to start with a research question. One source that has to be used is attached.

***Topic of the entire paper*** Background/childhood-how the juvenile was raised. Where they raised in a broken home? “Bad” parents? Etc. What caused the juveniles to get to the point that they are at?

Any questions please reach out to me.

It must be in perfect APA format. A full 3 page paper, not double spaced. Times 12 font. The class is Juvenile Justice System. Everything is based off of that, the topic needs to be addressed and every possible question and answer needs to be answered. Tough professor. Very thorough with the work.

make it 1000 words

Refs and cite, include attached article among your sources

Outline needed

Answer preview………….

apa 1097 words

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