Demonstrate and show how this information is connected to other functions in the body.

Blood Transfusion System

Weekly summary


  • 250+ words minimum.
  • Thoughtful, substantial and factual information is required.
  • This must be written in your own words.
  • Direct quotes must be cited. Demonstrate comprehension of material. APA references and citations are expected when sources are used.

What was your favorite topic this week? Blood Transfusions: Why it matters: ABO and Rh blood types

What did you enjoy?

Find a video that relates to this topic.

You will crate 4 short paragraphs. Please organize your post to earn points.


  1. Research: Students will briefly summarize a video that relates to their favorite topic this week. Locate and give the full page of the URL to a video in APA formatting (cite in text and reference) that pertains to your favorite topic this week. It is not unlike a main discussion post. Summarize the video in 50 words. Cite in the text. Reference at the end. If the URL is not given and cannot be verified, points will not be earned for this section. Documentation of sources is necessary. /25 Words:
  1. System Check: Relate your topic from this week to another system in the body. Demonstrate and show how this information is connected to other functions in the body. Please illustrate how this system is interrelated to another system in the body. Compare and contrast structure. Provide examples from the text. Cite and reference the text. /75 Words.
  1. Apply the importance of this information at different levels (individual/career, society, world). What was the most significant connection you made with the material this week? How is your topic showing up in the news these days? Explain why this video is important. Tell me why this topic may be important to your future career. How can you apply this topic of anatomy to your career or your community? Society? Give a detailed example. Be specific about this; Do not only say it is important but explain why it is important. /100 Words.
  2. Weekly Self Reflection: What resources do you think helped you most this week to help you understand? What challenges did you have with the material? What improvements can you make this week to implement for next week? /50 Words.


Subject:  Anatomy



For this class is very important the critical thinking and the professor likes personal experiences about the topic

please see attachment may help

Example of critical thinking that he expect

For example, when discussing skin cancer, a student responded with:

” I love this topic because before I had my youngest daughter I worked with a MOHS surgeon for 7years. Dermatology is a love of mine and we treated skin cancer on a daily basis. Little did I know growing up that the suns UV rays were harmful in the long run. In this day in age we know to apply sun screen to protect us from the harmful rays but when my parents were younger baby oil and iodine is what they used to burn baby burn. Did you know that years and years ago you were considered an indigent if you were a tan woman? White milky skin meant you were a wealthy stay at home wife and it wasn’t until CoCo Chanel went somewhere and accidentally got sunburned (and then tan) that tan skin was accepted in women. Once Coco Chanel made her appearance with tan skin in the spot light the trend was set.(Harvard Neuro Blog) The dermatologist I worked for told me that story and I was in shock and thought it was such an interesting fact.”


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