Describe the Battle of Saratoga

I have 3 questions for you, i need in format (MLA)

1. What was the significance of the Stamp Act of 1764?
2. *Describe the Battle of Saratoga?
3. *What was the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794?

you have to complete a small scale research effort of the question and complete a 1.5 – page paper. A works cited page will be included (please utilize at least 2-3 different appropriate sources). 1 source for each title.
And at the end please do the research in MLA format, NOT APA.
Works cited page is needed at the end.

MLA includes quotations “”

preview of the answer..

According to Rosenfeld (92), this was the conflict between the British and the American forces during the revolutionary war. It is one of the greatest war that was fought. The war occurred in September and October 1977 and was between the Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in North America. The battlefield where it occurred was located near Albany in Saratoga County in New York. The American colonist ended up successful during this war. The British invasion in New York. This battle secured a critical French alliance for the Americans during the American Revolution and providing the military and the financial support to outlast the British. The two battles of Saratoga..

MLA 580 words

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