Describe the theoretical problems of ethics

Describe the theoretical problems of ethics, the objectives to solving them, and apply them to how your personal ethics were formed. Include;
• The three theoretical problems of ethics and a description.
• The origins of ethics and a description.
• How the theoretical problems and origins formed their ethical basis.
• Include a running header, a title page, headings, an abstract, an intro and a conclusion.
• *Ethics: The Basics, Mizzoni. 2010, is the only book you may use for this assignment.
• There is no minimum word count for the assignment but include all of the elements. Paper should be 2-3 pages.

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The moral judgment problem entails concepts such as “right, good, ought and evil”. This aspect is considered a problem as people tend to act and behave according to situations they find themselves in. Assume a person promises another to lend him $1,000. As the person is taking the money to the individual who borrowed him, he ends up in accident, and ends up slightly injured. Without any other money, he will definitely spend the money he had, $1,000. In this case, he will have broken the promise, hence acted..

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