develop a plan for gathering information about the needs of the community for support groups for caregivers.

Needs Assessment

This assignment is similar to the requirements in the Weekly Dashboard but organized slightly differently with emphasis on the needs assessment.

Your assignment:

Imagine that the members of the group Concerned Citizens of Waldentown, Inc. has approached your agency with a request to start a support group for caregivers in their community. You are assigned to set up the group, but you are new to the area and have not yet met many of the individuals and groups who may have a stake in a caregiver support program.

Since this assignment pertains to a fictional group, you may fabricate details that you think may be appropriate for a caregiver support group. Alternatively, if you know of an actual caregiver support group, you may use information about that group, including the roles of individuals who have valuable information about needs of caregivers that could be used in your plan for a caregiver support group.

Your assignment requires you to design a needs assessment plan and develop a logic model based on what your needs assessment reveals.

Your first task is to develop a plan for gathering information about the needs of the community for support groups for caregivers. You intend to seek information about the needs of caregivers from stakeholders, community informants such as social service and medical professionals working with the clients and their caregivers, and potential participants in a caregiver support group. Read Section 4 and Section 5 of the Community Toolbox (https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/assessment/assessing-community-needs-and-resources/collect-information/main and https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/assessment/assessing-community-needs-and-resources/analyzing-community-problems/main) to learn how to approach the problem of exploring a need in the community.

PREPARATION: To begin the assignment, get some background information on caregivers to locate an article about the needs of people providing care for individuals with special needs (family and friend caregivers, not professional in-home providers of care).

ExampleFor this assignment, you must cite at least one social work article that describes needs of caregivers. Do not use articles from nursing journals as their perspectives and goals are often different from those in social work.


PREPARE YOUR REPORT (don’t write anything yet):

Choose three sources of information regarding needs of caregivers who provide care for any type of person who requires it (your choice). The information you select should offer different perspectives on these needs due to different professions, purposes, or functions of the sources of information in the community. Your informant may have knowledge of the scope, frequency, urgency, or impact of the need.

If you have information about people who provide some form of caregiver services, you may use that information; otherwise, use your readings as information sources. If you are drawing from your own observations or from what you have learned from other colleagues, you may identify the informant by their role (another social worker, a nurse, a Handi-Cab driver, senior housing manager, legislator, financial planner, or whomever you choose who has some knowledge of the challenges and needs of caregivers). Site information you have been directly given by one of these individuals as personal communication.

If you are choosing information from articles, cite the information as an in-text citation.

Information from a social work perspective must be included as one or more of your sources (actual or fictional).

From this information, you will make recommendations about the type of services and support that caregivers may need.


Subject:  Social Science



You do not have to use articles from the school library

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