“Developing a Service Plan at the Case Management Unit”

Case Management Service Plan

PS450 Unit 5


Read Chapter 20: “Developing a Service Plan at the Case Management Unit”

Read Chapter 21: “Preparing for Service Planning”

Read Chapter 22: “Making a Referral and Assembling a Record”

Read the following from the Purdue Global Library:

Rapp, B. C. (2001). Strengths-based case management: Individuals’ perspective on strengths and the case manager relationship. Social Work, 46(3), 278–288.

Discussion Board

Strength-Based Planning

Resource: Case Management Plan Template

Professionals who provide case management services to their clients use goals to structure the service plan. It is important to create specific behaviors that will remove the barriers to treatment while increasing the client’s self-sufficiency skills. Without goals, it is unlikely that the client and the professional would be successful in their work. These goals should reflect a client’s basic needs.

Read the following scenario and try to develop goals for this client. Be prepared to explain why you would set these goals and how the client would know when the goals have been met.

Scenario: Hanna

Hanna is in treatment at your mental health center for acute stress disorder. She tells you that recently, she is unable to think clearly at night because she begins to feel anxious that her oldest son will not return safely from his military deployment. She adds that her boss has given her two extra shifts a week at her call center job, which is overwhelming because they are the heaviest call times. The client stated that she is in line for a promotion, so she does not want to refuse the shifts. The client then reported that she has not been eating or sleeping well because she has to drink wine to get to sleep at night. The client stated that she thinks that she needs to drink to get to sleep now. When asked about her children, client stated that she and her husband have custody of them, but her youngest daughter is causing a lot of trouble in school. She thinks that the daughter might have a mental health or learning disability disorder but is unsure. The client mentions that her husband might contact the school because he is really good with working with the children on their homework at night. Before leaving the session, the client reported that her stomach has been hurting for the past week and she can barely move sometimes because of the cramps.

Imagine that you are going to write a service plan for Hanna. Identify her strengths and needs and list them.

Complete the Case Management Plan Template for Hanna. Attach the form to your response or copy/paste the results to your response.

What are some barriers to treatment that are in the scenario? Propose at least two agencies in Las Vegas, Nevada that could provide services for her (use 211.org).

Textbook-Summers, N. (2015). Fundamentals of Case Management Practice: Skills for the Human Services.



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