Developing an Advocacy Campaign

Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign

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Population Health Issue

Almost everywhere around the globe, there is a progressive illness that causes more body complications to human. It is a disease that we have the capability of avoiding only if appropriate precautions are taken. Due to the rise in diabetes, there is an enormous emphasis on positive, healthy living (Mayo, 2016). Diabetes brings other illnesses such as stroke, kidney failure as well as hypertension. According to Santod Longhurst (2014), the types two diabetes in adults is 90 percent of all the cases of the individuals that are diagnosed to have diabetes, and the remaining 10 percent is on the type 1 diabetes which is experienced on the onset of the adult stage or even the adult.

According to the America Diabetes Association (2017), more than 20 million individuals were found to have diabetes, and 13 percent were from the African descent. Approximately 85 million America was from 20 years of age that is 37 percent of them had pre-diabetes which result to diabetes type 2 or even heart diseases. The rates of physical inactivity and obesity for the African American are twice more than the rates of the entire population of the United States……….

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