Development and meaning of play

Development and meaning of play

M8 Assignment – Advocate for Play

In a 2 pages, create a compelling argument to effectively advocate for some aspect of play.

1) Choose an effort that has the potential to improve play quality and/or opportunities for:

  • children
  • families
  • a workplace
  • an organization in which you are active
  • your neighborhood
  • your community

2) Present a compelling case (as if you were writing a letter to the editor or guest essay for a local newspaper) that includes the importance of your idea and its impact. Ideas might include any of the following or your own idea:

  • promoting family game nights,
  • increasing/improving playability,
  • promoting the importance of recess in schools,
  • training adults to be recess play leaders or about the importance of play,
  • increasing access to loose parts,
  • field trips to children’s museums, libraries, or other community-supported play spaces,
  • involving children in playground design,
  • promoting gender-neutral toy marketing,
  • promote screen-free or homework-free weeks,
  • walking school bus program, etc.

3) Discuss who would benefit from your idea.

4) Provide information that promotes benefits: positive tangible and intangible results.

5) Provide strategies to overcome real or perceived barriers to implementing the idea (costs, time, money, space, personnel).

6) Provide source references that show successful results from similar projects elsewhere.

7) Discuss how you will evaluate results if/when your idea is enacted.

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