Diet and Fitness Plan

Diet and Fitness Plan


This project includes a two-day food record and analysis of your diet along with an
assessment of your fitness. You will critically evaluate your diet and develop a personal
plan for lifestyle changes to benefit your health and well-being. Please write in full
sentences, research and reference properly, and format your work following APA. The
report should include a title page stating your name, course number, term, instructor
name, and title. The body of your report should be a minimum of 1500 words and include
at least four references. Attach or copy and paste the results of your nutritional analysis
at the end of the report.
Food record and analysis: Pick an average day and record your food. Next, log on to the
CNPP website:  SuperTracker . You need to create a log in. The program requests some
personal data for the analysis. Next, proceed to record your food intake. The site lets you
create a list of often consumed foods, which will make it easier for the next time you use
it. Once you finish your food intake, select “My Reports.” Copy and save your results to
be submitted with your report. Submit Food Groups and Calories, Nutrients, Food Details
and Physical Activity reports for this day. Review your food intake and discuss shortfalls.
Next, choose a second day and plan a day for food intake which will meet all
recommendations, then live this day; be sure to write down everything which you
consume, including drinks and snacks. Try to include items you love to eat. Enter your
food in the SuperTracker and analyze. Did you meet all requirements? How did your food
intake on this day differ from your other recorded day?
Plan regular physical activity for a week, attempting to meet recommendations for all
types of fitness. Next, follow your plan and note your physical activity in a log. Try to
include activities you love, and also note sleeping patterns, personal feelings, thoughts,
and additional stresses which might occur. Next, return to the beginning and analyze
your physical activity on the CNPP website.
Your report should discuss the following questions:
 Compare and contrast your food record and analysis from the two days recorded.
 Did you like your food intake for the days record? How could you improve your
diet, and how can you introduce variety?
 What do you consider the most important issue about your diet covered in the
course, and how will you apply this to your life? Have you implemented changes
and noticed any differences so far? What will be the major challenges to a better
 How is the physical activity log? Was it difficult to adhere to an exercise regimen?
Did you feel any difference during this week compared to a week before this
course began? What will be the major challenges to maintaining a healthy
physical activity regimen?

 What aspect of this course provided the best and most useful information for
you? How do you see this course work affecting your life 6 months from now? A
year from now?


Answer Preview…………….

Poor diet is mostly due to the lack of knowledge of food and nutrition, but this course provides crucial information on the same.  When I started taking this course, I have been made aware that I am destroying my body and I am carefully keeping an eye on what I am eating. For this project, I am to compare my food intake for two days and input it in the super tracker. I will let you know that due to my leg not healing correctly the doctor just informed me that another surgery is needed. As for my fitness, I will be inputting in the super tracker the time that I spend in physical therapy. That will be my fitness plan. I was very doubtful on trying the tracker for my food and also my physical fitness because I thought it could be no use to me and a big waste of time. I am not used to having my everyday eating, and fitness logged into a tracker. Therefore I gave in and changed my way of thinking and put more effort into logging it in. Seeing what I ate for those two days opened my eyes, and it helped me to understand my eating habits. On day one for breakfast, I ate an egg McMuffin, coffee, and a coke. For lunch, I ate a ¼ pound cheeseburger, small chocolate shake, and a coke. For dinner, I ate a Philly cheese steak, coke, and water. Eating meat three times a day is rough on the body, and promotes obesity, colon cancer prostate cancer, and more. On day two for breakfast, I ate pancakes, a chicken biscuit, and coffee. For lunch, I ate chicken fried rice, bourbon chicken, and a coke. For dinner, I ate a chicken sandwich, corn, and water. When it comes up to my meal comparison, the fact is that is high in trans fat and sodium. I am very aware that a change needs to happen……..

APA 1611 words

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