For this written assignment, select one recent (within the last two years) evidence-based article from a peer reviewed nursing journal that describes a “best practice” in an area of nursing you are interested in. For example, if you would like to be a pediatric nurse, select an article that discusses a best practice in pediatric care.

Cite the article and provide a brief overview of how the results or findings were obtained. Then describe the “best practice.” Conclude your discussion by explaining whether you thought the research findings supported the conclusions and the best practice.

This assignment must be no more than 3 pages long. It should include all of the required elements. Use APA Editorial format and attach a copy of the artic


Please make sure is a nursing journal with the past 2years. And please donnot forgot to include the article

Answer Preview…………….

This article titled “Improving Pediatric Asthma Outcomes in a Community Emergency Department,” printed in the American Academy of Pediatrics Journal looked to see how to enhance the effectiveness of pediatric asthma care in community emergency departments in the United States. Each year in the United States, emergency departments (EDs) often get numerous visits from asthmatic children. The EDs cater to more than 775,000 asthmatic children as the common………………..

APA 900 words

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