Disability and Culture class

I have another assignment for my Disability and Culture class, the assignment is simple you just need to write a summary of TWO pages of a book called Growing up hearing in a deaf world and the writer name is    Sidransky, R 




preview of the answer..

Summary of, “Growing up hearing in a deaf world” by Sidransky R

In this book, Ruth Sidransky who is a hearing daughter of two parents that are both deaf highlights the problems that the deaf members of the society went through during the periods of the great depression and even afterwards. This book is an account of her experiences with her parents in the 1930s and 1940s in Brooklyn and Bronx. In her accounts, Sidransky brings out clearly the problems she had to suffer as a result of her parents’ inability to speak or hear (Sidransky, 2006)  …

613 words APA

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