Disaster Psychology in Divorces of 9/11 Firefighters

Disaster Psychology in Divorces of 9/11 Firefighters

For this discussion, first read the news report Firemen Divorce For 9/11 Widows http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/23/magazine/one-very-tangled-post-9-11-affair.html?_r=0

and then answer the following question: From a disaster psychology perspective, what happened here? What course concepts can we apply to this occurrence and how the likelihood of it reoccurring following future disasters might be reduced? Our discussion here is about theory application. Avoid personal opinion about the morality of the behaviors or character of the small number of firefighters involved (eight is certainly not an epidemic or representative of all firefighters), or about the possibility that the marriages were already in trouble prior to 9/11 (some may have been but, again, we are examining what happened through a psychology of disaster lens). Think about and base what you share on what you have learned about levels, types and phases of trauma and the notions of “flight from death” and “post-traumatic growth that we discussed previously.
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Disasters- the tragedy of human-made or natural hazard – are not rare events in the world that we live in and they can have a profound impact on human life (Carll, 2007). When they occur, they kill and injure countless people, and destroy property. The sheer scale and of disasters boggles the mind for those affected as well as those who the frozen bystanders as a result of the widespread of human life, environmental degradation, and infrastructure devastation. The psychological significance of the event, as discussed in the New York Times Magazine article, is far-reaching….

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