Paper should consist of the any Business Disaster description and recovery plan

Disaster Recovery in IMB Organization

Question of the Project : Paper should consist of the any Business Disaster description and recovery plan which cover all the above tables of content. (prefer IT related company) minimum 13 pages

Power Point Presentation: Based on the paper create the power point presentation as well.

Table of Contents


Description of the Problem..

Main Research Objective.

General Research Objective.

Specific Objective.

Literature Review..

Research Methodology.

Research Design.

Study Population.

Study Sample.

Data Collection.



Conclusion & Recommendations



table content topic should cover and which company are you planing to work on.

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APA guideline to be followed since professor is picky

The company if choice is IBM. I’m yet to find a valid problem that can fit the paper.



Answer Preview……………..

The research study will assess disaster discovery plans in the IBM company. The company has a well-integrated network system for providing services across the world. The significant portion of investment involves maintaining a data center with updated IT equipment. The development of information technology in IBM includes disaster plan management and data recovery. The idea of data protection is treated as a separate problem in the IBM company to provide efficiency. The research study indicates that data center security is addressed at the enterprise level in the company (Radkov & Dimitrov, 2018). The company has invested heavily in physical security for fear of hackers, terrorists, and critical individuals that may target the data center. The research study indicates that many companies have to overlook natural disasters such as the storm of the century despite creating a robust data center. The main challenge across the world is that the majority of the data center are generally created in areas that are exposed to floods, tornados, and hurricanes………………

APA 4052 words

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