Discovery Exercise

a.  How you incorporated the things that you do well into your academic curriculum.

b.  How the things that you don’t do well have affected your academic success.

c.  How things that you have improved upon has helped you at university .

d.  Have your career goals changed since the beginning of the semester?  If so, why?

f.  What things you would like to do differently next semester, next month, next year?  What is your plan?


1.  Paper must be at least 2 pages – 3 maximum – 1-inch margins – 12 point font – double-spaced

2.  Be specific

3.  Good Format and grammar are essential




preview of the answer..

How I have incorporated things that I do well in my academic curriculum

            Since I joined this course I have incorporated some of the things that I do well in my academic curriculum. I am a very good listener something that enables me to fully comprehend what I am taught by our lecturers and professors. For instance, during lectures I usually have a note book and a pen which I use to record speakers’ key ideas. As the speaker goes on with the sermon, I ensure that I maintain eye contact with him or her. This ensures that I do not lose focus …

737 words APA

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