Discuss how ebooks can affect the way people purchase and read fiction and non-fiction

Topic: – Discuss how ebooks can affect the way people purchase and read fiction and non-fiction.

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Give your essay a good title. The essay should be two pages long + reference page. All the formatting instructions are explained in Writing Guide (here). Here are several tips and requirements for a successful sample-essay: Follow the correct format: 1 inch margins from all sides Times new roman or Arial, font 12 Double spaced Use 2-3 references (make sure to include in-text citations and then put an entry to the References page) Other requirements of APA citation style (pay attention to correct referencing). In order to make your paper logical we recommend choosing ‘5-paragraph essay‘structure for your sample-paper. This is the most common and easily understandable structure for a short essay. In 5-paragraph essay each paragraph has its purpose: 1st – introductory paragraph. This should contain a thesis sentence, the main idea your paper will defend or narrate about. 2nd, 3rd and 4th – body paragraphs. Each paragraph should represent specific idea or thought that is important for your essay, and should contribute into supporting the key argument of your essay. 5th paragraph – conclusion. This last paragraph should not contain new ideas. It should only summarize the ideas you have already laid out in your paper and logically conclude the entire writing. What to avoid in your writing: Run-on sentences – a type of sentence in which 2 or more independent ideas are not separated by comas or full stops. Such sentences are messy and are generally considered a mistake typical for a primitive writing style. Too short or too large paragraphs – each paragraph should not be less than 3 lines and should not exceed your other paragraphs. The amount of writing required to support your ideas should be more or less equal. The paragraphs should also not be too short since they all have to contain their own introductory sentence, body part and concluding sentence. Huge citations – cite original sources only when it is really needed.

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Several years ago, few people imaged that there would be a transformation in how people purchase and read books and novels. Not many imagined that this transformation would lead to reading novels and books on computers, cells phones, and other electronic devices (Manning, 2009). When printing of books first became popular, there was a great expansion of experimentation and eloquence, which came from the fact that it was a new technology that was able to encourage people to read..

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