discuss your experience with installing a printer to a computer

Please answer questions 1-3 in detail.


After the upgrade you had been working on was successful, you determined that you need to install a new plug-and-play printer on a user’s computer. The printer uses a USB port interface. You connect the printer to the computer and turn the printer on. Two of your colleagues are discussing whether you should use the drivers provided by the manufacturer versus the ones that ship with Windows.

In 275 words, discuss the following and remember we’re learning how to work on computers and troubleshoot problems. We are the computer experts. There’s no one for us to call, we are the ones people call! Don’t rest until you have a thorough

paragraph that shows your confidence!

  • What would you say to your colleagues? In a few sentences, discuss your experience with installing a printer to a computer.
  • If you have never done this before, discuss what you would do based on your learning from this week’s lessons.



The desktop administrator at a remote satellite office called you to let you know that after she installed a new hard disk in the office manager’s computer, the DVD drive stopped working. Since you have your A+ certification, they’re depending on you to help them figure it out. You suspect there’s a conflict or perhaps she loosened the connector for the DVD drive when she had the system unit open

  • Answer the following questions and don’t forget to encourage your classmates who have really good ideas.
    • Describe how you might deal with her over the phone if she was frustrated and upset. Remember that when you didn’t know anything at all, you would get frustrated sitting on hold and then having to walk through a bunch of steps with someone who didn’t understand how you really needed to get other things done.
    • How will you be different compared to previous negative experiences you’ve had?
    • How will you maintain a patient and understanding presence?
    • What are some things you might say to let the people you work with know that you understand and you’re there for them — that you’ll work with them until the issue is resolved?


  • 3.Your boss is looking for a way to add storage she can take with her on business trips, but that doesn’t require cloud services because she sometimes travels to countries where the Internet is unreliable or unavailable.
    • Use the Internet to research various storage solutions.
      • What would you recommend to her? Include the URL to a storage solution that would be good in this case.
      • In a few sentences, talk about why you think it would be good storage solution.
      • Look at a few classmate posts and comment back to them what you think of their choice. Remember to be respectful, we’re all learning here.

preview of the answer..

In most cases dealing with upset or frustrated employees can be challenging, but it is important to understand and calm client. In this case, I will try to listen carefully to her story without interrupting to allow me to correctly identify the problem (Bensimon, 2007). If the problem requires no further analysis, I will promptly lead her in troubleshooting remotely. Such a case, I will ask her to go to the BIOS and establish if the computer recognizes the two devices, if they will not be appearing I will instruct her to try making it auto-detect in the BIOS. Secondly, I ask to establish if the new drive has a similar letter with the CDRW which has disappeared. For instance, maybe the first HDD was C: and the optical drives E: and D: hence, if the new drive came in it was E: means..

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