Discuss which communication barrier do you think is the most common

Discuss which communication barrier do you think is the most common

Chapter 13 presented the topic of Communication and Information Technology.
Discuss which communication barrier do you think is the most common, and which
barrier do you believe has the most negative effects on communication? Provide an
example in your company or a company you have worked for.

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Communication Barriers
Exhibit 13-5 depicts a number of common barriers to communication.
 Perception.
 information Overload.
 Channel Selection.
As messages are transmitted, receivers perceive them and translate them so that
they make sense to them. Recall perception (Chapter 10) bias as we interpret
messages differently67 and that often our biases can lead to two versions of the
same story.68 Semantics and jargon can be communication barriers, because the
same word often means different things to different people. To overcome
perception problems, strive for perception congruence (Chapter 10), as you need to
consider how the other person will most likely perceive the message, and try to
encode and transmit it appropriately. Be careful not to use jargon with people who
are not familiar with the terminology, especially people from countries with different
There is a limit to the amount of information people can under-stand at any given
time. It is a common problem because we are often presented with too much
information to comprehend in a short time. To minimize information overload, send
messages in a quantity that the receiver can understand. When sending an oral
message, do not talk for too long without checking to be sure the receiver
understands the message as you intended.
Use of an inappropriate channel can result in missed communication. For example,
most young people like to text, but many older ones don’t text. Before sending a
message, give careful thought to selecting the most effective channel.We discuss
channel selection in the next section.

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