discuss your thoughts on how the UE and AW impact your project. Please actively engage in the conversations this week and ensure you are reviewing all feedback

discuss your thoughts on how the UE and AW impact your project. Please actively engage in the conversations this week and ensure you are reviewing all feedback

Please respond to the teacher and each student


Here is what I posted

Hello Class,

A project is accomplished each step at a time throughout its cycle. A minor event that drags the project and impacts the available resources. Despite proper planning for a project, events may occur due to unavoidable circumstances (Muller et al., 2013). Examples of such events are unexpected events (UE)that emerge outside the project’s scope and timeframe and are mostly occurrences the project team is not ready for, rendering risk management plans ineffective. Other events include additional works (AW) that are modifications to a project beyond the budget, scopes, and timeline. UE and AW have significant impacts on a project deliverable.

The first direct impact of AW on a project is derailed implementation and completion. Many projects (especially large scales projects) like the construction and development of programs are complex, and the need for additional works may ensue in the implementation process (Sharma et al., 2009). In most cases, AW is not described in the original contract documents, and contractors may consider entitlement to additional payment above the initial contract sum. This may lead to a possible conflict that can disrupt a project’s implementation and extended timelines. For example, the fact that contractors carry out additional work does not automatically grant them the right to pay for that work.

Depending on the magnitude of the additional work, the contractor or project’s stakeholders may seek legal redress. The legal definition of additional work in many jurisdictions is the work that necessarily requires the performance of the contract entitling a party to perform that AW to no additional compensation (Larson & Gray, 2011). In large-scale projects like infrastructure development, the additional work can include drainage repair that can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, a burden that neither party may not be willing to shoulder. Apart from delaying the project, such AW can lead to total project abandonment.

On the other hand, unexpected events render contingency plans futile or complex to implement as significant hurdles in project planning, implementation, and delivery. Some events alter project timelines, scopes, and deliverables (Muller et al., 2013). For example, COVID-19 introduced new environments for project implementation by restricting people’s movement leading to significant delays in implementing many projects. In most cases, increased cost of projects leading to resource constraints accompanies such delays due to issues like inflation arising with the time value of money (Sharma et al., 2009). UE is also a breeding ground for conflicts between the project teams, owners, and stakeholders since many of the events lead to project scope and budget alteration. The significant impacts of AW and UE require project teams and stakeholders to plan for such uncertainties by defining appropriate mitigation measures and each party’s responsibility.


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Here is what the teacher said please respond


Great Example!!! COVID-19 is the ultimate unexpected event that impacted many projects around the world. Many of my teams projects were pushed out over 8 month due to supply chain issues. Which caused additional work for the teams as we had to find workarounds until the supply chain issues were resolved. This is definitely not some thing you can plan for. You mentioned that significant impacts require teams to plan for it. Can you expound on that? How would you plan for those uncertainties?


Student 1 Belinda

This week, discuss your thoughts on how the UE and AW impact your project. Please actively engage in the conversations this week and ensure you are reviewing all feedback and not just your specific case as ideas from other teams can assist in your specific project as well.

The additional work that was added to our project this week was a reasonable request. Third party vendors require access to limited information on the website to assist them with providing services for the company. Allowing third parties access can be a cybersecurity threat so having specific security measures as a policy will protect your system. Rating each vendor by a questionnaire prior to onboarding them can help to prevent a breach. Security ratings let you instantly understand the external security posture of a potential vendor and what cyber threats they may be susceptible to (Tunggal, 2021). Continuously monitoring their activity and security controls is important for protection of confidential information. We will only give the third parties enough access to do their job to limit the likelihood of a breach.

This addition to our project is a medium risk and will not affect our schedule but will incur a small additional cost in our budget.

Tunggal, A (December 29,2021) 9 Ways to Prevent Third-Party Data Breaches in 2022, https://www.upguard.com/blog/prevent-third-party-d…


Student 2 Joseph

Hello Everyone,

Discuss your thoughts on how the UE and AW impact your project?

So the project that I am apart of is Group 4 the Government/Not for Profit. We are developing an Emergency Response Plan for a small fictitious town in South Carolina. Our Unexpected event (UE) is that our budget was cut from $750,000 to $625,000. We had to try and maintain the scope of the project with the drastically reduced budget that was agreed upon at the beginning of the project. Additionally we were had to identify if we as a team could mandate that the budget remain the same as we agreed upon at the start of the project. So the budget reduction (right around 17%) has greatly effected our project mostly to do with our largest expense which is the update and replacement of the 911 system and the Early notification system (loud voice). These two items must stay and in order for us to maintain our scope. Luckily we have quite a large sum set aside for contingencies and unexpected events. This is nearly 10% of your original budget. This sum of money will help to ease the blow to the loss of our budget. Small amounts of cost can be cut in other areas to meet the loss in budget.

I know its a terrible source but I did find in my searching that from a project management blog that 15% or less to a budget is completely survivable with smart planning. 15-25% will take some small adjustment to the scope and 25% and greater serious reworking of the scope is needed or even stopping the project altogether. (Harrin, 2017)

As for making the city stand to their agreement of $750,000 I am honestly unsure if it is even worth it. If the city can not afford it then the added expense that comes along with fighting the break in contract doesn’t not seem worth it in my opinion. Plus project budgets and budgets in general get cut or taken away all together all the time. It’s can simple just be a part of the doing business in an ever changing market. So I feel that planning ahead and being able to adapt and communicate is very important and will allow for a team to over common unexpected events.




Harrin, E. (2017, September 18). How to Deliver When Your Project Budget is Cut. Retrieved from Project Management.com: https://www.projectmanagement.com/blog/blogPosting…

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