After reading the article “Conservative Nordstrom to sell trendy Topshop fashions,” respond to the following:

  • How does this partnership fit into Nordstrom’s current brand management strategy? Will it appeal to its target markets? How will it allow Nordstrom to differentiate itself from the competition?
  • Is this a risky move for Nordstrom considering the downward sales trends for Topshop in the UK?

Here is a link to TopShops website: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/topshop-topman and here is link to Nordstrom’s:http://shop.nordstrom.com/. What similarities do you notice? What differences? At first glance, what is your analysis of this partnership?

DUE today. no more than 250-400 words





preview of the answer..

Nordstrom is going to benefit a lot from this partnership as Topshop will bring in street fashion and runway trends. These aspects will add some freshness to Nordstrom something that has been lacking for a very long time. The partnership fits into Nordstrom’s brand management strategy as it enables it to get new customers. At the same time, the items brought in by Topshop will diversify Nordstrom’s products, something that will enable them to get clients across all social lines. This strategy will be extremely appealing to clients. This is because of the fact that street fashion is going to attract new shoppers into the Nordstrom stores. At the same time, runway trends will also please many people who prefer them. Previously, Nordstrom was known for targeting the “matured” members of the society. However, the partnership will enable them to …

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