Discuss the utilization of APNs in the healthcare system.

Discuss the utilization of APNs in the healthcare system.

1. Discuss the utilization of APNs in the healthcare system. What aspects of the role were you unfamiliar with and/or found relevant to the current and future state(s) of nursing.

2. Consider the Quality Cost Model of APN Transitional Care. Regarding the impact of APNs on health care and health care economics, what are your conclusions?

3. Which illustration of restraint of trade practices against APNs did you find most interesting in the reading for this module and why?

Remember your textbook for this class is an edited book. Also, many of the chapters you will be reading are reprints of historical materials. Below is a link which illustrates how to cite these chapters:

http://www.cws.illinois.edu/workshop/writers/citation/apa/reprintedchapters/ (Links to an external site.)

book….ISBN: 9781118028810

please include references. thank you.

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Question 1

APNs, also known in full as Advanced Practice Nurses are nurses who have been certified to look into the needs of patients without the presence or direction of a doctor or physician. These nurses are more educated and have higher levels of competence compared to other nurses and this enables them to work without the supervision of a doctor. In the recent past, nursing specialties have increased and this is one that is changing the roles of nurses in the healthcare system. Often, these nurses have a master’s degree or a doctorate which allows them………..

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