What is a thoughtful question? Thoughtful questions generate discussion and provoke thought.

Submit one discussion question week

Berk, L. E. (2018). Exploring lifespan development (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. – Chapter 1, pp. 9 – 21

1. Submit one discussion question week. For week, submit one thoughtful question for the class to discuss. What is a thoughtful question? Thoughtful questions generate discussion and provoke thought. Focus on generating a question that sparks discussion/conversation about an issue/debate, a comparison/contrast between different perspectives, how we might brainstorm to solve a methodological issue, other ways to explain the data or go about researching a question; these kinds of questions will lead to a productive and thought provoking class discussion rather than clarification kinds of questions or “Does anyone know…” kinds of questions. Do notsubmit a question that focuses on clarification or “Does anyone know…” as your discussion question. It is okay to tack these kinds of questions on to your submission of the discussion question, but these kinds of questions should be in addition to your thought provoking discussion question. The discussion question is due bySunday at midnight. This will allow your classmates to have time to read the question (please take a few minutes to read all of the questions posted by your classmates) and respond to them. Submit the questions via Blackboard.


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From the readings, the theory that takes a stance that is similar to my beliefs about lifespan management is the cognitive theory of development. The theory was developed by Jean Piaget and focused on children’s cognitive growth as a great factor that determines how development takes place in humans (Berk, 2018). In my opinion, thinking and thinking processes are critical to any development. When one develops cognition, there is a great likelihood that they could lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. Cognitive development can be observed when one is a child. As time passes, their cognition improves, and this allows them to interpret information, which is important for every individual…………..

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