Discussion 5: Compensation and Benefits

Discussion 5: Compensation and Benefits


Background Information

Welcome to discussion 5. This week we will explore compensation and benefits. While compensation is the function that deals with every type of reward employees receive in exchange for performing assigned tasks, benefits are considered more indirect compensation and include such things as unemployment insurance, social security, workers compensation and more. Course Materials:

Initial Post (Minimum 300 words)

Answer the following questions in a scholarly post of 300 words or more .

  • What is the difference between equal pay and comparable worth? Why are these concepts so important. To what extent (if at all) do you feel CEOs are overpaid? Explain.

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Equal pay for equal work implies that employees in the same workplace ought to be awarded equal pay. The concept applies in the context of the gender pay gap and sexual discrimination. Comparable worth is taken to mean equal pay for equal value. The concept of comparable worth seeks to solve the inequalities that result from jobs that are segregated in terms of sex, awarding different scales of pay for men and women (Ivancevich & Konopaske, 2013). Equal pay, on the other hand, requires…………..


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