Discussion #7

Discussion #7

When changes are implemented in any organization, it is important that all people involved in the change are responsible for ensuring the change is successful. Think of a change that you are familiar with in an organization, and discuss the responsibilities of all those involved in ensuring the change was successful.

  • What were leadership’s responsibilities?
  • What were the employees’ responsibilities?
  • How were these responsibilities communicated?
  • What, if anything, should have been done differently in terms of communication to ensure everyone understood their responsibilities in regard to the change?


Include introduction and conclusion

Discussion should be 6 to 8 paragraphs.

Use at least one Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

APA format is required and each reference must be cited in the paper.

Use headings to organize the content in your work.

Please no plagiarism and sources should not be older than 5 years

use subheadings including introduction, body subheadings and conclusion

800 words
refs and cite with refs not older than 2013, 2 of them must be 2 journal articles

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APA 954 words