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Explain the six attributes of a Lean organization. What is the potential value that Lean brings to an organization’s operations? What potential impact does Lean have on supplier and customer relationships? Is Leans’ potential value and impact significantly different for service sector industries than it is for production/manufacturing industries? Why or why not? Defend your answers.


Respect and develop employees

Empower employees

Develop worker flexibility

Developcollaborative partnerships with suppliers

Eliminate waste by performing only value-added activities


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Explain the concepts of the seven wastes and the 5Ss. What challenges do these present for logistics management? Defend your response.

***7 wastes







Defective products



Sort/segregate – when in doubt, throw it out

Simplify/straighten – methods analysis tools

Shine/sweep – clean daily

Standardize– remove variations from processes

Sustain/self-discipline – review work and recognize progress


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Lean organizations are those that limit wastage by ensuring that they implement lean processes and cultures in their operations. One of the attributes of lean management is customer focus. Such organizations work to meet the needs of the customers as a priority. Lean organizations have flexible workforces who can shift based on the demands of the customers. There is also the aspect of lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing involves minimizing waste………..

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