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Evaluation research is a unique, applicable form of scientific inquiry. While the conceptualizations of ordinary research methods form the foundation upon which evaluation research rests, there are some nuances found in evaluation that are unique. One such nuance centers on questions of whether a particular policy or program can be evaluated.

Critique the design of an evaluation by describing what evaluability means and why proper evaluability is so fundamental to the success of any specific project. For examples on strategies for how to determine evaluability, you should make use of the Lipsey, Petrie, Weisburd, and Gottfredson article and this week’s required reading from the Rossi, Lipsey, and Freeman text. You may support your position with both scholarly and non-scholarly credible sources.




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Evaluability assessment generally examines the extent to which a particular project or programme can be evaluated more reliably and credibly. Through evaluability assessment, it often calls for the reviewing of a proposed project or programme to ascertain if the findings and the objectives of the project have adequately been provided and whether the results presented are also verifiable. For any project that an individual or group undertake there is a need for engaging in adequate evaluability to ascertain that all the essential aspects and components of the project have been provided or documented to the latter…………

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