The Price of Exaggeration

The Price of Exaggeration

The Price of Exaggeration

Johnny graduates at the end of this term. He has been actively searching for the right job in his field of study. The perfect job was finally advertised and it’s with a company Johnny really wanted to work for. He quickly prepared his resume and cover letter and was successful in getting an interview. After carefully preparing for the interview, Johnny was successful! He got the job.

During this process, Johnny thought he needed a little extra “ammunition” in his job hunt. He exxagerated just a little on his GPA and listed an internship that he applied for but did not get.

Was he justified in his actions?
Since he has been hired, does he have anything to worry about?
If you were in human resources at this company and just uncovered the information, what would be your reaction?
React to the post of another student. “Me, too” types responses will not be graded.

Answer preview……………………

Discussion and Replies


In the scenario, Johnny lied about his GPA and listed an internship that he was never part of. I think Johnny is not justified for his actions since the GPA could have been used as a factor in determining the most suitable candidate for the job. It is also unethical since another candidate who might have had better qualifications was dismissed over him due to the lie he gave. Despite being hired already, Johnny needs to worry about the issue since it could come back to haunt him……………..

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