discuss the impact of any one of the previously discussed contemporary issues in homeland security on your life

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This discussion is an opportunity to reflect on previous assignments and discussions, to share thoughts and ideas, and to ask any final questions.

Drawing upon the concepts you have learned throughout this course, discuss the impact of any one of the previously discussed contemporary issues in homeland security on your life. More specifically, discuss how a challenging issue (policy or operational) has impacted or would impact your life. Use at least two examples from the textbook or previous class discussions in support of your argument.

The two replies to other posts can either be a response to a question about your analysis or to the classmate whose work you reviewed.

Textbook: Global Terrorism

Peer post 1

Hi everyone,

Earlier in class, we talked about international terrorism versus domestic terrorism, and the difference between them. My view was that domestic terrorism, which is accomplished through middlemen and individual supporters of organizations, is the most dangerous due to its proximity and covert nature. The bombings in Boston and Chicago, as well as the drug riots in Los Angeles, have had an impact on my life personally. I have lived in all of those cities and have grown up around all kinds of domestic forms of terrorism. However, what fascinates me the most, is terrorism that uses religion as its catalyst and justification. An interesting example of this phenomenon is mentioned in our text: “Extremist violence has appeared within Judaism. Interestingly enough, the radicalization process by which Jewish individuals have been recruited into terrorist groups is quite similar to the processes by which Muslims have been attracted (Pedahzur and Perliger 2011). Jewish groups in the British mandated territory of Palestine utilized terrorism in their independence struggle…” (Lutz, 2019). Another example would be the 9/11 attacks. My birthday is on 9/11 so I remember quite well what happened and when it happened and what I was doing when it happened. Several techniques have been employed to produce all of these violent acts of senseless terrorism. I will say I have learned from this course, the various types of terrorism and how they can be prevented.


Lutz, James, “Global Terrorism.” 2019. 4th Ed. Ch 5, pg 82. Print. Retrieved from: https://mbsdirect.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781351124669/cfi/6/2!/4/2/2@0:0



Answer Preview………..

Throughout the course, there are many concepts that we have learned. Drawing upon some of the main concepts that we have discussed, it is clear that various contemporary issues in homeland security could have an impact on my personal life. Global terrorism has many impacts on society. As a result, one cannot say that events in terrorism do not have the potential to affect their welfare and well-being. The contemporary issue in homeland security that I selected for this discussion is the growth of domestic terrorism. Traditionally, terrorism was perpetrated by members of terrorist groups (Lutz, & Lutz, 2019). Most of the individuals were from countries that had ideological differences with the West. However, terrorism in the United States today is mainly being perpetrated by Americans who sympathize with some of the terrorist groups such as ISIS. For example, the Orlando Nightclub Shooting in 2014 was perpetrated by an American citizen who swore allegiance to ISIS and was against the LGBT community since they were targeted in the attack……………..

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