Discussion Board

Discussion Board

Locate a mixed methods study that uses a theoretical lens, such as a feminist, ethical/racial, or class perspective. Identify specifically how the lens shapes the steps taken in the research process, using Box 3.1 as a guide.

I choose a class perspective. About obesity rates of the poor people and rich people.

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locate a relevant mized methods study probably in a journal article on the specified perspective and write on it as per the instructions

Reference the study source/article

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Alexander, D. S. (2014). Preventing childhood obesity: A mixed methods study into the perceptions of African Americans in a Rural Community.

The research study by Alexander (2014) is biased towards the assessment of childhood obesity in children of African American origin and living within the rural areas. The purpose of the study is to carry out  foundational research on parent’s perception of childhood obesity. I……………………..

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