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Evolution of International Organizations

Good Evening, This a Discussion Board for Political Science: International Organizations: Perspectives on Global Governance: (PSC-4400). (DUE: 9 HRS)

Follow instructions down below, preferably someone who is really good within Political Science.

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Forum: 2.1 The Evolution of International Organizations (IOs) in the Twentieth Century

Course: International Organizations (PSC – 4400) Spring (2019/2020)

Book: International Organizations: Perspectives on Global Governance

Author(s):Kelly – Kate S. Pease

Edition: 6th year 2019

ISBN: 978-0-81533-8046-7


Instructions: Answer the 4 questions

2.1 The Evolution of Intergovernmental Organizations


  • 11: Using the author’s discussion of the historical evolution of the United Nations in Chapter 2 of the text, describe briefly the necessary elements and processes generally required for the creation and sustainment of an international organization like the United Nations. What was the impetus behind its creation, the common interests of its 49 initial members, its goals, scope, structure, decision-making processes, and its source of resources?

2: Which of the five theoretical frameworks or global perspectives (e.g. Realism,

3: Liberalism, etc.) promoted the establishment of permanent intergovernmental organizations in the 20th Century?

How does the evolution of common unifying principles shape the role, scope and activities of an intergovernmental organization in global affairs? Please give some examples from the text.

4: Finally, as an intergovernmental organization, how does the authority granted to the UN to make foreign policy by its member states differ from the authority to make policy granted to the European Union and to the Organization of Islamic Conference by each of their respective member states?

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