Discussion Board reply regarding the FEMA functions

Discussion Board reply regarding the FEMA functions

Group 1- Questions 1,3 and 4.

  1. FEMA lists 15 functions in its Emergency Management Exercise Reporting System. FEMA defines a function as “an action or operation required in emergency response or recovery.” Any or all of those may be the primary or secondary focus of an exercise. Here’s where we get to have some fun. Choose one function and notify the class (and me) via email of your choice. Once selected, only one other may choose this function.I will post a running list of choices in Announcements. Describe how your function would be used in a response. Again, feel free to draw from personal experience if you would like. Here is the list:

ESF #1 – Transportation ESF #2 – Communications ESF #3 – Public Works and Engineering


ESF #4 – Firefighting ESF #5 – Emergency Management ESF #6 – Mass Care, Emergency Assistance, Housing, and Human Services


ESF #7 – Logistics Management and Resource Support ESF #8 – Public Health and Medical Services


ESF #9 – Search and Rescue ESF #10 – Oil and Hazardous Materials Response


ESF #11 – Agriculture and Natural Resources ESF #12 – Energy ESF #13 – Public Safety and Security


ESF #14 – Long-Term Community Recovery ESF #15 – External Affairs


  1. Envision an imaginary emergency operations plan for a small rural hospital ‘Anywhere General.”As the new disaster planner for AG, you have been asked to review that plan and make recommendations for change.Using the knowledge you gained during Principles and Planning, write a brief (250-400 words) summary of that fictional plan. That summary – which you should address to AG’s Board of Directors and CEO – should include parts of the plan you think are adequate and areas you think should be modified.




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The Search and Rescue function can be used during disaster response as the reference center for the coordination of the activities of the responders and other participants that are actively involved in the process. As the function that defines the scope of the incident and determines the adequacy of existing resources, it can be a valuable one for determining the critical ones that are unavailable and the sources or agencies within or outside the county or state……………………

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