Discussion: Developing Categories for the Literature Review

Discussion: Developing Categories for the Literature Review

chcek instructions file first.

the student also asked for clarification of what is required and below is what the prof said.

Also i will attached the annotated bibliography paper and using the article attached here, it should help

—–> My question

Can someone please explain to me what is required for the discussion topic? Prof mentioned that we should return to the annotated bibliography and begin developing “categories” to help organize sources. Please is the writing assignment #1?

——> Prof feedback

You may need more sources than you have currently.

Basically, for the literature review, you will want to collect your sources into themes or categories. For example, say my topic was on women and humor. I might have lots of sources from all over the topic. However, as I read them over, I might discover that several of them talk about what women’s humor consists of, others might talk about the difference between men’s humor and women’s humor, others might discuss the history of women’s humor. So, I would divide them up into categories: Defining women’s humor, Men’s humor versus Women’s humor, and History of women’s humor. In each of these categories, I would discuss at least three sources.


Discussion: Developing Categories for the Literature Review

Here are lots of resources to you understand the Literature Review. Please use the below resources and then complete below task.

The article by: Ted Zorn and Nittaya Campbell, “Improving the Writing of Literature Reviews through Literature Integration Exercise”

Using the below article and links, help complete the below task.

Article attached: Literature Review


After reviewing the material on the Literature Review posted above, please return to your annotated bibliography and begin developing “categories” to help you to organize your sources. Post one category below and list several sources that might fill that category. Remember that some sources may fall into more than one category. Please feel free to post questions or concerns because your instructor wants to help you. Please respond generously to at least two of your fellow classmates. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————>>>>>>

I am not sure what the professor wants here. But i am thinking we have to use the first writing assignment “annotated bibliography” to complete this task



 literature review  Developing Categories description 1 pages, Double Spacing


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