What barriers do females face with regard to being accepted as police officers?

Discussion: Female Police Officers

Hi I have those Two discussions 250 words each

1- Women

What barriers do females face with regard to being accepted as police officers? What can be done to address those barriers?Provide at least 2 references for your post.

2-Women Correctional Officers

After reading the article about the sexual harassment of female correctional officers, answer the following questions.

1. In general, what type of sexual harassment do female correctional officers face in prisons?

2. Should prison officials be held liable for the sexual harassment of inmates? Why or why not?

3. Female correctional officers have sued prison officials in many cases because they didn’t do enough to protect the officers from harassment by inmates. What have the results been of some of those cases?

4. Some steps are being taken in the right direction as a result of the legal cases. What changes have occurred in some prisons?

5. What else should prison officials do to protect female officers, if anything?


Answer Preview……………..

The primary barrier that female officers confront is those grounded on discrimination and prejudice tied to the disparity between genders. There is no doubt that the typical female officer is perceived as weaker than the male counterpart. This brings a lot of problems when handling the male suspects (Santo, 2017). These officers frequently face discrimination from the male officers when in the line of duty. Regardless of all the bombast of equality, it is recounted that male officers still doubt the performance of the female officers. This way, they barely expect the female officers to perform in their positions. This may pose a significant effect on the productivity of the female officers, as they may end up demotivated. The policing field requires………………..

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