Interview a school administrator


Interview a school administrator, educator, or staff member regarding school and community relations and values. Along with other questions that may arise, consider the following questions of interest:

What are the community expectations for the school?
How does the community provide feedback and support the school?
What opportunities exist for volunteerism in the school? What conflicts have arisen or may arise?
What characterizes the trust of the community in the school?
How does the school gain the support and trust of the community?

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Write a 700- to 1050- word reflection paper in which you cite the interviewee’s responses and describe your personal reaction. Suggest strategies for addressing community needs and values as an educator.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

preview of the answer..

The health of any community, expansive or little, lays on the shared trust, respect and understanding that exist among its individuals. At Tulsa Regional Chamber and Tulsa Public Schools, any type of badgering, hazing, or terrorizing is unsatisfactory. Stealing, lying, or deceitfulness of any sort damages the School’s Honor Code and student use or ownership of liquor or drugs is prohibited.  The Discipline Committees each made out of instructors and students, survey infringement..

APA 1008 words

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