Discussion Post

Discussion Post

This is a discussion post and should be written in your own words. There is
no need to cite and references as the text is to be your own perspective.
The post should not be longer than a page.

For this week’s discussion you are required to develop a strategy for the
city of Houston flooded and destroyed homes as if you are the Mayor of the
City. Several questions have arose surrounding the homes/apartments in
neighborhoods that experienced severe flooding during Hurricane Harvey and
the challenges associated with repairing the homes versus eliminating the
homes due to fear of a repeat event. Be sure to research cities which
experienced a similar natural disaster and how the Mayor of those cities
influenced the the future of the city/suburbs in his/her decisions
immediately following the natural disaster. Include a minimum of two
sources. In your initial post be sure to consider the role of the federal
and state government in natural disasters.


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