The text reveals that the basic dilemma in combating terrorism is that by “providing security from terrorist acts (limiting the freedom of individual terrorists

The text reveals that the basic dilemma in combating terrorism

1. The text reveals that the basic dilemma in combating terrorism is that by “providing security from terrorist acts (limiting the freedom of individual terrorists, terrorists groups and support networks) a country also infringes on innocent bystanders freedoms, democracy and human rights” (White, Markowski, Collins; 2019). Basically, the more security and limitations that are placed in countries who seek to protect themselves from terrorists the more restrictions that will be placed on the innocent citizens who simply live in that area of threat. I do agree that it is important to secure a country no matter the costs however, it is difficult to determine where the line should be drawn so as to night strip citizens of all their freedoms. Some issues that may arise with the war on terror is that governments may one day go entirely to far and cage their people inside the country in order to not allow terrorist to commit acts of violence. Such as limiting travel opportunities or not allowing anyone out or in the country. I do think the threat of acts of terror are credible because they have happened before and there were mass casualties. So yes the fear and threat of another occurrence happening is credible.

2. The basic dilemma in combating terrorism has to do with how The United States presents itself to the rest of the world. We are seen as a “free” country. We also try to help other countries gain freedom by going to war with their enemies. This can seem like a contradiction because we want peace and freedom, but we are fighting other countries in order to gain those rights. It can be confusing to explain that we are killing other countries people, because they killed our people. If we really wanted peace, then war technically might not be the correct option. However, I think that we must stand up for our people and our country no matter the consequences to others outside of our borders.

3. The three models of the prison society are:

Custodial Model is when a prisoner is being incarcerated for the main goal of incapacitation, deterrence, or retribution. It emphasizes security, discipline, and order as it subordinates the prisoner to the authority of the warden. (pg. 652) When it comes to discipline it is considered to be very strict. This model is still used in more maximum security institutions.

Rehabilitation Model is a treatment program that is offered to help an offered learn from their mistakes and get back on their feet. These programs are offered a majority of the prison systems to help offenders be able to get back to everyday society when they get released. Depending on their sentences some offenders are mandated to take these programs and other have the choose to help with their release dates.

Reintegration Model is linked more with community corrections because its structure. This model helps an offender with the process of trying to return to society when they get released. This model used to offenders family and the community as encouragement for behavior. When the offered gets to a certain time in their sentence they are offered to be moved to a half way house as a sign of more freedom.

If i was a prison administrator i would want to encourage and back my staff up when they needed help when there was a problem. I would want to be able to make sure that they are getting the benefits and being paid properly for all the hard work that they do. I would want to also make programs available for they if they ever need to reach out for help with personal or professional issues. I would always want to check on my staff and make sure that they are not being over worked and make sure that they are getting enough sleep to be able to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

4. The custodial model assumes that prisoners have been incarcerated for the purpose of incapacitation, deterrence, or rehabilitation. It emphasizes security, discipline, and order as it’s subordinates the prisoner to the authority of the warden. Discipline is strict, and most aspects of behavior or regulated. Having prevailed in corrections before World War II, this model still dominates most maximum-security institutions.

The rehabilitation model, which reached his height during the 1950s emphasizes treatment programs designed to reform the offender. According to this model, security and housekeeping activities are viewed primarily as free conditions for rehabilitative efforts. Because all aspects of the organization should be directed toward rehabilitation, professional treatment specialists have a higher status than Geo other employees. Since the rethinking of the rehabilitation goal in the 1970s, treatment programs still exist in most institutions, but few prisons conform to this model today.

The reintegration model is linked to the structures and goals of community corrections. Recognizing that prisoners will be returning to society, this model emphasizes maintaining the offenders ties to family and community as a method of reform. Prisons following this model gradually give inmates greater freedom and responsibility during their confinement, moving them to halfway houses I work with these programs before giving them community supervision.

Not all prisoners can be rehabilitated but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have programs in place to help those who cannot be rehabilitated.
Because individual staff members are not equipped to perform all functions, separate lines of command organized a group of employees they carry out these different tasks. One group is charged with maintaining custody over the prisoners, another group supervisors them in the work activities, and the third group at times to treat them.
Because all areas of the prison can be difficult to work in difficult I think implementing a cross training program for the staff would be satisfying along with an equal and or competitive pay scale. Of course a degree in psychology or the like would be recommended and necessary for certain positions.
Prison are not fun places to be. Many prisons are old and very noisy. Many psychologists who work with inmates don’t even have a separate place to speak with their clients who are often depressed. Prisons should be fixed up and cleaned to be bright. Not that prisoners should be rewarded for their crimes but to give them some positivity in life. Workers should work in a place that is clean and bright to boost morale.


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I like the statement that reveals basic concepts of preventing terrorist engagements. I feel that the individual freedom of a citizen should not be in the hands of the terrorist group since there is a democratic state that upheld the provision of human rights. I concur with the statement about limitations and security that place particular countries before the hand of terrorists. I feel that a state should set some restrictions on the terrorist groups to protect innocent citizens from attack. I support the strategy of preventing a terrorist attack by restricting travel since it shows……………

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