discussion post one

discussion post one

Select your state or local government and research the major funds.

  • What are the major funds of your state or local government, and how do they differ from those of nonprofit organizations?
  • How are they determined?
  • Discuss major resources and uses of each fund.
  • Based on your research of the major fund of your state or local government, do you think this government organization is financially healthy? Discuss your reasons for your answer.

 discussion post APA Format short word document Governmental and Not-for-profit Funds
My state is Mississippi.
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Like other states, Mississippi gets its funds from different sources. Some of its primary sources include tax collected from the skilled worker, businesses, industries, imported goods, and value-added tax on every product sold in the country including farm products. Other funds come from licensing fees (Stone & Robinson, 2017). Every company or enterprise must pay an annual……………….

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