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Question 1

Analyze the challenges that organizations face in the effective transition between selling products using the traditional brick and mortar marketing channel and selling products online. Synthesize the strategies that organizations like Zara and Wal-Mart- two companies that are having difficulty developing eCommerce capability can implement to increase the effortless movement of customers between the traditional and online channels.
What are the benefits and limitations of selling through a store front and online?

Question 2

Identify the strategies for entering into the global market. Assess the strengths and limitations of each. Give an example of a company that has made a success of doing business in the global economy. What lessons from McDonald’s success in the global marketplace are transferable across industries?

No more than 300 words each question. No cover letter or reference page needed.




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Globalization of the world economy has led to a change in the perspective given by people towards marketing and sales. Coupled with an evolution in marketing, companies across the globe are now opting to make their sales online. Ecommerce is a practice that most companies have taken up. However, the transition to selling stock online is not always a walk in the park for many companies. Some cannot seem to find the appropriate web hosts while others cannot find the appropriate way to go about it. All these problems are issues that need to be addressed from within the company by the company employees and executives. In addition to the technical problems, change is not always welcome in the society and there may be those that would feel …

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