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“Placebo Effect.” Please respond to the following
> Locate a recent example in the media of a scientific study involving the
> placebo effect.
>    – Identify and explain the placebo effect’s function in each step of the
>    scientific method: observation, hypothesis, experimentation,
> verification.
>    – Describe how the placebo effect impacted the results of the study.
>    – State whether or not you were surprised by the results and why.
> Explain your answer in a minimum of at least 150 words.
> APA formatting
> two references
> use subtitles




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In simple terms, placebo effect refers to the process of establishing whether new drugs are effective.  In the medical field, health professionals use placebo effect to denote or stigmatize a fallacy or a fraud. In many studies, placebo effect is important in all the steps of the scientific steps that include observation, hypothesis, experimentation, and verification (Brown, 2013).

244 words APA

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