Discussion Questions – Using Social Media in Business

Assignment 1: Discussion Questions – Using Social Media in Business


In Week 6 you will discuss how businesses can utilize social media tools and the ethical issues associated with the use of social media in a business setting.  The discussion is intended to explore the business use of social media and not focus on social media from a personal perspective.


  1. Is social media important to a business? Why?
  2. What are some of the risks to a business that uses social media?
  3. How can those risks be mitigated?

Preview of the answer..

Social media is very important to a business that uses it to market its products. Firms using social media as a marketing tool is likely to benefit in various ways such as increasing the number of customers, enhancing customer loyalty and increasing the turnover rate. This is achieved through the fact that firms can reach out to many customers at the same time via social media. Furthermore, businesses are also in a position to interact with their clients, something that makes the latter feel part of the organization. Based on these..

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