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Discussion Reply

minimum of 100 words each. Replies should go beyond simple agreement, disagreement, or compliments. They should extend the discussion by adding to the topic, substantiating an opinion about the thread, or presenting a thought-provoking question for other students. Replies applying the content to present issues in education or to your own experiences are acceptable.

  1. According to Graham’s “Building Something Biblical,” how would you describe a biblical worldview? How does Graham describe the implications of a biblical worldview for education? As Graham asks in the final section, “So what?” What is your personal “So What?” to what Graham says in this chapter?

A biblical worldview is the foundation for the way you live your life. In having a biblical worldview, you put aside what man wants you to believe and believe in diving power mortal vs immortal. 1 John 2:15 states “love not the world nor the things in it, for all things it.” In the book it states “to build a more biblical view of the process and practice of educating, we must determine how the Bible should be used in developing that view (Graham, p.11). “A biblical worldview should influence all your decision made in and out of the classroom. Some may think it is just opening class with a prayer or maybe even just adding scriptures to your lessons, but that is not the case. When teaching from a biblical perspective we need to help them understand the purpose, nature and roll of the importance of what they are learning. To answer the “So what?” question we must first understand the importance of the Bible, and what God is teaching us. If we read the Bible and understand what God wants us to do and live right by him then we will not have any problems. I think the biggest problem with children today is that they don’t understand what they are reading in the Bible, but if we as educator’s step-in show them; and help them understand it more they will live more righteous.

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Thank you for your post. I agree with your position that the biblical worldview is the foundation of how an individual lives his/her life as……………………

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