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Based on the reading assignment from Module 1, concisely discuss two of the ways that work affects the individual and society. Also address which of the theories of work presented by Hodson and Sullivan (2012) best fits your own work experiences.
For example, using the Seeman list of alienating characteristics or the Maslovian list of hierarchical needs, you could analyze whether it is possible for a worker to be both satisfied and alienated; both satisfaction and alienation are multifaceted, and so a job might be partially satisfying and partially alienating. Moreover, a job might be safe and provide adequate extrinsic rewards, but allow little autonomy and have low levels of job complexity.

Be sure to explain why you think one or more—or none—of these theories fits your experiences. Provide evidence from the text or peer-reviewed sources to support your perspective.

refs and cite with journal sources only

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Employment in organization is meant to assist an individual to meet his or her economic and social needs. The higher the position of employment the better and much easier meeting these needs can be achieved. Social theorists have conducted several studies on the relationship between work and satisfaction derived by the person doing the work. The nature of a person’s …

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