One theme in Veronica Roth’s Divergent is personal transformation. To put it another way, the novel explores the issue of identity and how one’s choices determine it. We established in class that on her Choosing Day, Tris makes a decision that sets off her quest to discover who she is. Her identity develops throughout the novel as she goes through initiation, becomes Dauntless, and confronts the threat of war. The choices she makes at each step along her journey shape the woman she is becoming, and in this way, we can say that she undergoes a transformation.

Tris began the novel timid and unsure of herself and her desires, which was characteristic of her Abnegation upbringing: she was never allowed to focus on herself, so she never knew exactly what she wanted. Upon choosing Dauntless her bravery obviously began to blossom, but she experienced some other changes as well. She forged friendships and relationships central to her identity, with people who bring out the best in her. And she learned that though she has chosen another faction, she can still be selfless; and indeed she is, time and time again. At the novel’s close, her transformation reaches a climactic moment when she understands who she really is: nether Abnegation nor Dauntless but . . . Divergent. When Tris finally understands that she can truly be brave and selfless at the same time, she continues to make decisions that lead the others out of danger. So there is something to be learned from her story—that self-awareness brings with it confidence and power. Have you ever thought about your own life and the ways in which you are undergoing a transformation . . . right now?

Choose ONE of the prompts below for your essay. A narrative uses storytelling to share a message with the reader. Remember that good stories are descriptive, so use a balance of major and minor supporting details to illustrate your main ideas with concrete/specific language. Remember also that an essay has a point—you need a thesis that organizes your story and gives it meaning.

1). In your opinion, where in the Divergent plot do you think most marks a turning point in Tris’s life? Explain in a well-supported PIE paragraph what she does and how her life takes a turn as a result of that event. Then transition to another paragraph where you introduce the reader to an event that marked a turning point in your life. In your thesis statement, tell your reader what the event was and HOW it specifically changed your life. Develop the rest of your essay by telling your story in a series of well-developed PIE paragraphs. Describe the details that lead up to this turning point, reflect on why your life took a turn. Was this a turn for the better or worse, why?

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The major turning point of Tris’s life is when she is faced with her execution while being injected with what she suspected is a death serum (Roth 34). Tris’s mother sacrificed her life as an act of selflessness for her daughter. Natalie, who is the mother of Tris was aware that she would die and the only way that Tris would escape is through sacrificing her life in a seemingly brave death as a sign of love to her daughter. The thoughts of sacrifice and selflessness continuously haunt Tris, and she always wants to sacrifice her life to return the favor. However, it is in the process of being injected the death serum that Tris realizes that her life is important and she can honor her parent’s death by living and helping needy people without using any form of violence. Therefore, this situation marks the greatest turning point of Tris’s life….

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