Diverse Workforce and Communication

Diverse Workforce and Communication


Diverse Workforce and Communication
In this assignment, you will study the advantages and disadvantages of a diverse workforce.
Using the nternet, research about working with or leading a diverse workforce.
You work for a large financial institution that in the past ten years has developed new
products and services that appeal to a very diverse customer base located throughout the
world. You have been asked by your CEO to lead an effort to discuss the importance of
having a diverse workforce that can effectively serve your organization's customer base.
Based on the scenario, complete the following tasks:
 Identify five main points you plan to make about the values of having a diverse
workforce, and present a detailed sample agenda for your meeting.
 Answer the following questions in the detailed sample agenda:
o What are some of the advantages in having a diverse workforce? Mention at
least five advantages.
o What are the possible conflicts that could arise due to a diverse workforce
and what are some of the ways to overcome them?
o How can a common standard of work-related behavior in a diverse workforce
be developed? Do the leaders need cross-cultural training?
o Do you think the leaders need to visit the major customer base areas to
understand their work culture and backgrounds better? Discuss at least five
relevant reasons for your answer.
o Which nonverbal communication methods generally differ between the US
workforce and some of the other countries? Support your answer with


Answer Preview………………..

As a result of economic globalization, many organizations are seeking to attain workforce diversity, which involves employing workers from various backgrounds. There are benefits that an organization may derive from workforce diversity. First, workforce diversity can lead to increased productivity and competitive advantage because of thenew processes brought into the company (Pollitt, 2006). It boosts employee morale, making them desire to work more effectively. Second, it can cause increase in creativity heterogeneous groups are interacting and exchanging different ideas on how to achieve a shared goal. Third, workforce diversity expands the company’s language skill and reach, especially if it wants to expand into global avenues. Fourth, it gives the company a positive reputation because it shows there is no employee discrimination. Lastly, it saves the organization money and time on litigation expenses caused by discrimination lawsuits………….

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