Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

Imagine you are training a new employee or colleague. Then, based on the readings in this module, answer the following questions:

  • What is your field of study or profession?
  • What issues of diversity would you highlight to the new employee? What would you suggest to this employee for navigating and overcoming those issues?
  • What are some training strategies you would use?
  • How can diversity positively impact your profession and workplace?

readings (one is pasted and other is attached)


 #IDS #diversity Southern New Hampshire University ids 400
student;s field of study is  social work
400 words
ref and cite the above source, include full reference and the link, and any other source

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I’m a social work student and better placed to take a new employee through diversity training. Most young and new employees may not adequately understand what diversity at the workplace is all about. The new worker may have schooled with students from a diverse community, but he had the option to choose who to interact with and who not to, because after all, the goal was to pass the examinations and acquire a degree (Wormley, 2018). Things, however, are quite different when it comes to employment because people must work as a team. If the new employee has always avoided interaction with an individual from the opposite sex, races, ethnicity, low or high social class, creative, innovative and ideologist, then he or she has no other choice but to learn to, if he wants to retain his job………

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